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Frequently Asked Questions

Will G-Loc fit my gun?

The size of the inside locking area is 51mm (2") deep and 57mm (2.24") in height . You should measure the thickness of the gun, where it will sit on the lock and compare it to the inside measurements to make sure it will fit.

Can I order several G-Locs locks that are matched, so one key fits multiple locks?

In short, yes. Please contact us through the website to discuss.

How does the G-Loc mount to a wall? What sort of hardware is needed?

G-loc comes with some big strong screws which would are suitable for a wooden wall but you can mount it with anything you want if your wall is different (ie concrete would need some type of masonry fastenings) - the mounting holes are hidden behind the bolt when its locked.

Does G-Loc come with the front peg shown in the photos so that the gun can rest horizontally?

Yes, it comes with that attachment including large mounting screws for the lock and a smaller one for the resting peg.

Where are we located?

We are located at 67 Carr Road, Auckland, New Zealand. This is also the engineering workshop which makes the gun locks.

Are they legal?

In New Zealand they have been given approval by the NZ Police and are certified for use in that respect. New Zealand has quite strict Gun Safety laws so chances are they will meet your own countries specifications also, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you are not breaking the law when using our G-loc wall mounted gun display!


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